IDAX exchange introduces IDAX token

IDAX abbreviated as International Digital Asset Exchange, originated from Global Blockchain Research Centre. Therefore IDAX is designed for blockchain exchange research as the worldwide digital resource service platform for GBC. The IDAX exchange supports 95 digital currencies and 153 trading pairs.

The IDAX platform has numerous capacities like multi-crypto currency, multi-language options with top security engineering that guarantees for safe transactions of digital resources.

The exchange does not charge any fees for depositing but with withdrawal in bitcoin, the withdrawal fee is 0.0001BTC. Compared to the global industry average, this fee is much lower.

IDAX is striving to be the highest quality digital resource exchange platform of the blockchain ecosystem.

The IDAX token

The IDAX platform via the introduced the IDAX token with the argument that a platform without its own token is like a family without a photo album.

The IT (abbreviation for IDAX Token) advent will make the members of the IDAX platform feel even more companionship in the family. The advent of IT makes IDAX even more performing in the community value, ecological value and the application value. The IT advent emergence has solved many problems in the IDAX platform even the primary ones. However, the industry needs more performing professional teams to help support in the quick transactions. There is also need for the platform to improve on the efficiency and faults in the system in order to provide security to the user’s capital.

As many would ask, “what is this IT?” IT is a certificate token that was issued by the IDAX to ensure effective and interactive circulation of the platforms value. It is therefore used to ensure active collaboration of users within the platform and as the platform’s ecological transfer value certificate.

Rumor has it that the total amount of IT will be 200, 000, 000 and that this number will most probably not be increased.


With the combination of Product Ecology as a platform token and the IDAX Token, the IDAX Token is looking forward to access and expand their product ecosphere that is steadily increasing. The IDAX wants to view its IT holders as the common interests in the platform besides just transactions just as the platform’s mission indicates.

Since IDAX does not accept the use of USD or Euros, then it can be used in the bitcoin casinos.

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