Visual Studio 2019 Update Suits Everyone

There is always a new update coming into the tech world, and this time around is Visual Studio 2019’s turn. It comes from Microsoft, and it will be launched on the 2nd of April. Scott Hanselman, the Principal Program Manager from Microsoft, will host this event. The promise this new update made is to offer even more productive than we were used to.

When will it be launched?

The event brings excitement to the company. Amanda Silver, the Program Manager of Visual Studio’s, says that she is excited to announce Visual Studio 2019’s release on 2nd of April this year at the Visual Studio 2019 Launch Event.

What is it about?

To make sure you know what you are reading about, Visual Studio is an integrated development environment that you can use to develop apps, websites, and programs. Different programming languages are used by the tool so proficient code editing is provided as well as a debugging environment.

The Visual Studio we have at the moment is the 15th version of it, the Visual Studio 2017. However, we do not have to wait too much until the 15th version is launched.

It suits everyone

According to the company, everyone will find something for themselves on the 2nd of April, whether as a developer you use Python, C# or C++.

We received a new promise from Microsoft, and that is that the new version will be efficient, stable, and easier for everyone that uses it. In addition to that, the version that will get launched this year will work great in collaboration with other Visual Studios that exist.

Some features you will enjoy

  • Improved automatic downloading of IDE updates and improved search.
  • An improved blue, bright look which is also rationalized.
  • And many more to come.

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