Foldable iPhone Looks Stunning In These Sketches

While, at the moment, we all focus on Samsung’s conference where the South Korean tech company is going to release its anniversary Galaxy S10 lineup and the first folding smartphone, Galaxy Fold, some sketches on the future foldable iPhone emerged thanks to LetsGoDigital. The Dutch site based its renders on a recently filed Apple patent regarding a folding iPhone device.

Nonetheless, Samsung is not the only one going to launch a folding smartphone. Other manufacturers, including Huawei and Lenovo, among others, will also roll out their foldable phones soon. It seems that Apple is not going to miss this train, and the Cupertino-based company also plans to come up with a foldable iPhone, only that we don’t know yet when would that happen.

All we got right now is a patent Apple filed regarding a future foldable iPhone and the sketched LetsGoDigital created based on that patent. Accordingly, it might take a while until Apple’s folding smartphone would launch.

Foldable iPhone Looks Stunning In These Sketches

Be it as it may, the foldable iPhone looks impressive in the new sketches created by LetsGoDigital. And since these renders are based on a real Apple patent referring to a future folding smartphone of the company, we truly believe that this is how the upcoming foldable iPhone would look like when it launches.

Besides releasing their sketched on the folding iPhone, LetsGoDigital hinted that the Cupertino-based company would first launch a 5G smartphone and then would plan to come up with this foldable iPhone. Therefore, since Apple plans to release the 5G iPhone in 2020, we should also expect Apple’s first folding smartphone to come out next year.

“It would be desirable to be able to use flexible display technology to provide improved electronic devices,” the Apple patent reads. But that’s not a suggestion that Apple would indeed release a foldable iPhone any time soon.

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