Pokemon Duel 7.0.1 Update Is Available With Under The Hoods Enhancements

Designed by The Pokemon Company, Pokemon Duel is a strategy board game based on the famous Pokemon characters. In Pokemon Duel, you’ll have to build a deck of your favorite monsters and compete with other players from around the world to enter in top League rankings in League Matches. Now, Pokemon Duel 7.0.1 update is available with some under the hood enhancements.

As it is a board game in its essence, in Pokemon Duel, your opponent and you take turns moving your Pokemon figures on the map. But, it’s all about strategy since you’ll have to place your cards in formations to attack your enemy or defend yourself against your opponent’s attacks.

Each figure in Pokemon Duel has its own special abilities and move, and, during duels, your deck consists of only six cards, so you’ll have to choose them wisely and adopt specific tactics to defeat your opponents. While it is not a very popular game, Pokemon Duel is still a cool mobile game for Pokemon lovers.

Pokemon Duel 7.0.1 Update Is Available With Under The Hoods Enhancements

Pokemon Duel 7.0.1 became available to download today and, even though it is not boasting new features and content, it comes with some bug fixes plus several under the hood enhancements for stability and improvements. However, some users complain that The Pokemon Company, the devs behind Pokemon Duel, made the game suitable only for paying players via this update.

“Sorry but very disappointed with the updates. This game now only for paid players. I haven’t received a single rainbow booster over the last three months, and you also removed the option to purchase boosters with gems. The game now becomes very unbalanced. You have to open the option of boosters again,” said one Pokemon Duel 7.0.1 player on Google Play Store.

In short, Pokemon Duel 7.0.1 is the latest update of Pokemon Duel, an exciting strategy board game based on the famous Pokemon characters, and it comes with bug fixes and stability and performance improvements.

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