PureVPN 7.0.5 Is Available To Download With New Improvements

VPN solutions are ideal when you want to browse the Internet safely and privately. Besides, a VPN service is excellent to access sites restricted for your region. There are many VPN providers, but PureVPN is among the best ones. Now, PureVPN 7.0.5 for Android is available to download with new improvements.

In 2018, PureVPN won the title of the best VPN solution of the year from Trustpilot, so we’re talking here about one excellent VPN service with lots of useful features and increased stability and speed. PureVPN has more than 2,000 servers across 180 locations around the world, and this network focuses on speed and stability.

Among all its features, PureVPN comes with:

  • 7-Day VPN Trial
  • WiFi VPN app & Private Internet Access
  • Hotspot VPN
  • Wide-Range of Protocols for Private Browsing
  • 24/7 Live Support
  • Android Widget
  • Multi Ports Integration for complete private internet access
  • Split Tunneling for a better online security
  • Reinforced Encryption for a complete virtual private network
  • Unlimited VPN with WiFi security

PureVPN 7.0.5 Is Available To Download With New Improvements

According to the official release notes of PureVPN 7.0.5 for Android, this new version comes with the following novelties:

  • Optimized our servers further to ensure seamless performance at every level.
  • Added more FAQs for user’s convenience.
  • Identified and fixed a few minor bugs.
  • Option to choose NAT or Natd network added.
  • Option to show/hide Beta features added under settings.
  • Option for user to enroll as a Beta tester added.
  • Flow Optimization
  • Expired users can now directly go to the invoice page in their Member area via popup.

Besides, PureVPN 7.0.5 also brings some under the hood improvements for stability, performance, and speed. Accordingly, you should not wait any longer and download and install PureVPN 7.0.5 and enjoy your 7-day free trial to test the app. Afterward, you’ll have to pay $10.95 per month, unless you receive a special offer for a 1-year plan.

PureVPN is one of the best VPN solutions out there, while PureVPN 7.0.5 for Android the latest version of this excellent VPN service. You can already download and install it from the Google Play Store.

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