Clash of Clans February 2019 Updates are on Their Way

Clash of clans may be almost seven years old, but millions of players from all over the world continue to enjoy the game every day.

Developer Supercell has announced that new updates will be released in the following days. The anticipated balance update will be released independently from another update that should contain a high number of quality-of-life improvements.

Balance changes

It is already known that the update will boost the DPS of Mortars and X-Bows, which are currently a bit weak at higher Town Hall levels.

On the other hand, Archer Towers and Canons will be nerfed to facilitate gameplay without the need to follow the meta strictly. Barbarians and Goblins will also receive a slight HP boost to make them better as farming troops.

A bug that affected Eagle Artillery and forced ranged troopers to come closer to the building to hit. Troops are now able to hit it from the same distance at which they hit other buildings.

The War League demotion rules were also changed, but the new rules will come into play when the March season starts.

Only one 1 Clan can be demoted to the Bronze League, and only one Clan can be promoted to a Master or Champion league. Three clans will be now demoted from the Champions I league.

A better life

Two months have passed since the last major update was released and the upcoming one could provide a breath of fresh air by adding new features. Supercell is also planning some interesting quality-of-life changes that should make a lot of players happy.

X-Bows, Inferno Towers and Eagle Artillery will now be reloaded for free when the players return to the game. Traps will also be automatically re-armed without the need to pay valuable resources.

The Magic Item UI menu has been relocated to the Town Hall menu.

While these are some minor improvements, it is expected that Supercell will once again refresh the experience when the major update becomes available.

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