VLC 3.0.99 for Android Is Available To Download With Many Improvements

VLC is probably the most famous cross-platform media player. With tons of features that make it possible for users to play virtually any media files, discs, and even network streaming, VLC is a favorite player. VLC is also available for Android, and the latest VLC 3.0.99 update is available to download with many improvements.

Just like the desktop-based version of VLC, the VLC for Android variant can also play almost any type of media file, including videos and audios, as well as DVD ISOs images, network streams and network shares.

The best part of VLC for Android is that it is entirely free, without any ads, spyware, malware, or in-app purchases for premium features. VLC for Android is a fully-operational multimedia player with tons of functions and features. It’s also an excellent audio player, sporting built-in equalizer and filters and supporting any type of audio files.

VLC 3.0.99 for Android Is Available To Download With Many Improvements

According to the official release notes of VLC 3.0.99 for Android, this update comes with the following:

  • Application:
    • Fix subtitles not reloaded when multitasking
    • Fix forward/rewind actions with Assistant
    • Improve video player accessibility descriptions
    • Stability improvements
    • Misc. fixes
  • TV:
    • Video player: improved use of the seek bar with remote
    • Fix crashes in the main screen
    • Restore recommendations on Oreo
  • VLC:
    • Updated VLC core

Accordingly, this new VLC 3.0.99 for Android is only focusing on fixing some bugs of the previous versions and implementing some under the hood changes, such as stability and performance improvements. VLC 3.0.99 for Android is already available on the Google Play Store, as well as an APK file if you prefer that method.

Also, VLC is open source, so anyone can contribute to making this famous multimedia player even better than it already is. To bring your contribution to the project, visit this link.

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