GTA VI News: Rockstar Games Insider Speaks About “Project Americas”

Grand Theft Auto VI has been heavily rumored, and everyone is anticipating locations, maps, storyline and praying for some official news or at least a tease from Rockstar Games. However, we haven’t heard anything official – only that there will be a new GTA sometime in the future, as the team has a ton of ideas about it. But that’s all. Well, until now…

The sequel has been rumored to take place in different locations, such as South America or even to return to Vice City. This popular map in the franchise was added in the first GTA game that soon became a standalone game. It even got a prequel four years later: “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City” – 2002, “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories” – 2006.

GTA VI – Project Americas

An insider from Rockstar Games said to Inside Gaming (YouTube channel) that the sequel title is codenamed “Project Americas,” which could mean that this is the main location where the game will take place.

The term ‘Americas’ point towards the possibility that the game could take place in made-up locations from the US and South America. In other reports, we saw that the US part of the map in GTA 6 would be represented by Vice City, writes EconTimes.

While fans also considered London as a good setting for the GTA 6, Rockstar Games lead writer Dan Houser stated in an interview that a game set in the UK would be awesome, but not something that would be a GTA game:

“I think there are plenty of great stories we could tell about the UK, great environments to showcase, great gameplay mechanics that could have a UK bent to them – I just don’t think it would be a GTA necessarily.”

GTA VI: Release Date

As for when the GTA VI will be released, looking back at the distance between the previous installments, GTA V was launched five years after GTA IV, which means we might see the game being released in 2021 or even later – in 2022. Until then, fans of the franchise can play the online GTA, which keeps getting new content and events.

Last month, Game Spot noticed Rockstar’s job listings showing that they are looking for a team that will create “next-generation worlds for some exciting upcoming projects.” One of the jobs was for a vehicle artist, a MoCap tools developer, and a technical face developer to “help research and develop new technology for future titles.” All of these future titles could mean a GTA VI and probably a Red Dead Redemption 3, which will be just in time for the future PlayStation 5 and next-gen Xbox consoles that should be released in 2020.

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