Pokemon Go 0.135.1 Update Is Available For Download With A New Feature

As trainers explore the world around them in search of Pokemons, you can join them and become one as well. Over 850 million people have downloaded Pokemon Go which made it a global gaming sensation and earned it the “Best App of the Year” reward from TechCrunch and “Best Mobile Game” award from The Game Developers Choice Awards soon after it launched. Now, Pokemon Go 0.135.1 update is now available for download with a new feature.

Many pokemons such as Blastoise, Venusaur, Pikachu, and Charizard have been discovered. You need to find all the pokemons that are out there. Walk around the neighborhood not only to become a little more active but to also get a notification when a pokemon is nearby. Take out a Pokeball and try to capture it, but make sure you do not let it leave.

Some Pokemons appear near their native environment which means that if you want a Water-type Pokemon, you would be more lucky to find it near oceans, lakes and other forms of water. Visit Gyms and PokeStops is you need more Pokeballs and other helpful items. You can see them in exciting places such as art installations, museums, monuments, and historical markers.

Pokemon Go 0.135.1 update is now available for download with the most sought-after feature implemented

The bigger your level is, the more likely you will be to catch a more-powerful pokemon which can help you complete your Pokedex. Based on the distances you walk you can hatch Pokemon Eggs and add them to your collection. If you catch many pokemons of the same kind, you make it evolve. If you do not want to walk alone, you can choose a Buddy Pokemon and earn Candy improving the strength of your Pokemon.

And since you have so many cool Pokemons in your collection, why not bragging yourself about it? The new Pokemon Go 0.135.1 update rolled out with the Go Snapshot feature, allowing trainers to take AR photos of their Pokemons and immediately share those pics with their friends on social media.

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