New Intel Integrated GPUs Might Come Out With Impressive Performance

Intel showcased the eleventh generation of integrated GPUs back in December, and recent leaks suggest that the new Intel integrated GPUs might boast impressive performance.

New Intel Integrated GPUs Might Have Impressive Performance

Benchmark test results leaked on a popular platform over the weekend and the results provided by respected benchmarks solutions like GFXBench and CompuBench are quite good. The new chips can overtake significant rivals among which we can count the Ryzen 7 2700U and Ryzen 5 2400g.

A synthetic benchmark compares the 9th generation Iris UHD 620 chip and the 11th gen Iris Graphics 940, and the results are quite sweet, with a net performance boost which ranges from 50% to 120%, depending on the benchmark which was used. The numbers show that Intel’s ambition to increase the performance of integrated graphics cards can be backed up for now but until the 11th generation of processors become widely available there is no way to test the performance of the new Intel integrated GPUs practically.

Intel Also Works On Dedicated Graphics Cards

In June 2018 Intel CEO Brian Krzanich declared that the company is currently working on dedicated GPU solution and its first product will be released on the market in 2020. The statement confirmed a series of rumors which suggested that Intel is hoping to generate some additional revenue by offering a reliable alternative to the products provided by NVIDIA and AMD.

The usual development cycle for a graphics card reaches three years, which means that Intel has been working on its first product since 2018. Since the company is a worldwide market leader, its research and development budget is virtually limitless, a fact which will undoubtedly facilitate the transition from concept to reality.

The first generations of Intel dedicated graphics cards are currently in development under the codename of Arctic Sound. Intel is aiming quite high, and some sources anticipate the release of dedicated gaming-grade GPUs, a feat that could bring some much need competition in a cooling battle between two well-known titans, NVIDIA and AMD.

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