Chex Quest HD Would Come Out Soon, Reviving The Famous 90’s Classic Game

If you were a kid in the 90s, you must remember Chex Quest. The game was released with millions of boxes of Chex cereals, and it was hugely successful back then, as all children were playing it. Miss the game? We have some good news for you. The game will receive an HD remake. The trailer for the game was already released. If you are ready to take a trip to the past, you can watch the complete Chex Quest HD trailer at the end of this article.

“In 1996 the advergame Chex Quest was released as a prize inside of millions of boxes of Chex breakfast cereal,” the developers explained on their Facebook page. “It was essentially a kid-friendly Doom total conversion telling the story of the Chex Warrior who travels across the galaxy to rescue the cereal people from the evil inter-dimensional Flemoids. It was considered a very successful promotion in its time and the game gained a cult following that persists to this day.”

Chex Quest HD Will Use Unreal Engine 4

To recreate that classic game the team will use Unreal Engine 4. Chex Quest HD will remain faithful to the original, and it will feature the same things so that nothing feels different. “It will feature all of the same ‘weapons,’ enemies, power-ups and levels from the original,” developers added. “The levels will be redesigned in regards to their layouts, but the themes and overall aesthetics will be consistent with the original levels.”

Another thing that you should know is that volunteers create this Chex Quest remake. They are not paid for their work, and they can develop their game only in their spare time, which makes it easy to understand why it will take longer than usual for Chex Quest HD to come out. More than that, the game will be available for free.

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