OnePlus 7 Won’t Come Out With Wireless Charging, Disappointing The Fans

It is not the first time OnePlus decides not to introduce wireless charging in an outcoming phone, and it is also the case of the forthcoming OnePlus 7, as well. Pete Lau, the CEO of the company, during an interview with Roger Cheng from CNET, offered the fans of their products some pre-release information that would keep them waiting without losing their enthusiasm.

When asked about wireless charging, Pete Lau did not hesitate to address the question. Even though it has been widely requested before as OnePlus fans have been waiting for the possibility to charge their OnePlus smartphones without using a cord, OnePlus 7 will disappoint the fans.

The company’s CEO stated that the charging OnePlus has is one of the best, offering there a reference to the Warp Charge standard of the company which in approximately 20 minutes can charge OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition, the latest phone of the company, to 50 percent.

OnePlus 7 Won’t Come Out With Wireless Charging

According to Pete Lau, fans are asking for something far inferior because wireless charging can’t even get close to what the Warp Charge standard is offering. However, as companies should also listen to the feedback provided by the people who buy their products, Pete Lau, the CEO of OnePlus, mentioned (not for the first time) that the company is still looking into granting its fans’ wish.

They are working on a wireless charging solution that would provide both fast and reliable charging. As mentioned before, the company will not add inductive charging to any of their phones, including OnePlus 7, until they are sure that the solution they create does not generate excess heat, an obstacle that keeps bothering them.

Pete Lau has also been asked about the new Quick Charge wireless charging platform from Qualcomm, but he decided not to comment on that topic. OnePlus 7 fans heard this type of news before, but the disappointment is still there.

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