Pokemon Go Receives Smeargle, And You Can Capture It Using The New “Go Snapshot” Feature

Niantic releases constant updates for Pokemon Go, and the game receives numerous new additions, including events, Pokemon, and others. This time, Smeargle has become available in Pokemon GO. Players can now catch this Generation 2 Pokemon using the newly added Go Snapshot feature.

It is exciting to see Smeargle join the game, as we didn’t know whether his abilities could particular to Pokemon Go. Smeargle comes in the game with the Sketch skill which allows it to copy the powers of other Pokemon monsters. It is easy to understand why this could be a problem for the game, and it took some time until developers added this Generation 2 Pokemon to Pokemon Go.

Here’s how to capture Smeargle in Pokemon Go using the new Go Snapshot feature

To catch Smeargle, you must use the Go Snapshot. That means that you will have to become a photographer for a while. If you continue to take photos, you might spot Smeargle in one of them. After the Pokemon shows up in one of your photos, you should also see a catchable Smeargle show up in the wild.

If you manage to capture Smeargle, you should know that his original ability is a bit different in Pokemon Go. You will also have a chance to use the Go Snapshot feature when it comes to its particular skill. After you captured Smeargle, you can use the Go Snapshot function to take photos of other Pokemon so that Smeargle can “Sketch” their abilities.

You should also know that it is not possible to get all the abilities of other Pokemon. For instance, Ditto’s Transform special skill is not transferable. You need to select a Pokemon with abilities you want to copy and sketch it. Basically, this allows you to create some sort of copy of that Pokemon. However, keep in mind that Smeargle’s CP doesn’t go over 500.

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