Google Clock 6.1.0 Update Allows Us To Set Alarm Tones From YouTube Music or Pandora

The latest Google Clock 6.1.0 update brings a fascinating feature. More specifically, you can now set the alarm tones in Google Clock from YouTube Music or Pandora. At the moment, the new functionality is limited to the two before-mentioned streaming services.

Since July 2018, Google Clock has permitted users to set alarm tones from Spotify or from the MP3 files stocked on the devices. However, the new Google Clock 6.1.0 added YouTube Music as a new option for users, along with Pandora.

To take advantage of the new feature, you’ll have to install the latest version of Google Clock, the 6.1.0 one. If it didn’t roll out automatically on your device, you could find the APK file on the Internet to get early access. However, for the majority of Android users, Google Clock 6.1.0 is already available on the Google Play Store.

How to set alarm tones from YouTube and Pandora in the new Google Clock 6.1.0 update

Once you have the latest Google Clock 6.1.0 version installed on your device, you must also be sure that you already have YouTube Music, Pandora, or Spotify on your smartphone or tablet. Otherwise, Google Clock won’t be able to set alarm tones from these streaming services.

In fact, you must be sure to download and install the latest versions of YouTube Music, Spotify, and Pandora to take advantage of the new Google Clock 6.1.0 update feature at maximum.

Now, to set up alarm tones from YouTube Music, Spotify, or Pandora, open the app, go to Alarms section, and there you’ll see the plus symbol to create a new alarm. Tap on it, set the alarm, and then tap on the bell symbol and choose a service from the before-mentioned ones.

While Pandora gives you access to your favorite radio stations for free, YouTube Music only allows you to stream music as alarm tones in Google Clock 6.1.0 update if you are a subscriber of the service. A subscription plan on YouTube Musci costs $9.99 per month.

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