Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC Will Bring Xion, A Mysterious Character In The Game

We finally found out what the Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC will bring, and we have to admit that the downloadable content should be interesting. As it turns out, the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC will feature Xion, one of the most interesting characters of the game.

Xion is a mysterious character, and there is not much we know about her. In fact, if you haven’t completed Kingdom Hearts 3, you might not even know who she is. Xion appears near the end of the game, during one of the final fights with Organization XIII.

At first, she is a rival for the player, but this changes after she gets back her memories. Xion becomes an ally of Sora and decides to help out the gang. It is not simple to understand her origin story or her motivations, and there are numerous things that were left unexplained. Luckily for us, the DLC should solve this problem.

Kingdom Hearts DLC will reveal more details on who Xion is and her role in the game

“I think it’s something that people could guess, but we plan to explain it in downloadable content,” explained Nomura. Therefore, if you want to learn more about Xion, you will have to wait until the DLC is released.

To offer you more background info, the wiki page of Xion tells us that she is a clone of Roxas, Xion was created using the memories of Sora. More than that, the ways she looks like is influenced by who is looking at her, which is the reason why she looks like Kairi most of the time.

It is very likely that Xion returned because she is connected to the “heart” of Sora. However, there are not many details available at the moment. Hopefully, the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC will provide all the answers that we need.

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