Pokemon Go March 2019 – Research Tasks and Rewards

Everyone is still hyped of the Pokemon Shield and Sword trailer, but Pokemon Go has many plans ahead, too. It’s March, which means that it is time to see what are the new research tasks and the rewards, and how can a player capture different Pokemon monsters.

The trainers will work with Regis and some other Legendary Pokemon creatures for their weekly breakthrough rewards, but that doesn’t mean that they’ve forgotten about the daily encounters for March 2019. Next, you’ll find all the tasks and rewards for March 2019.

Pokemon Go March 2019 – Research Tasks and Rewards

You’ll get Mankey for a battle in a gym. Also, you’ll have the chance to meet Machop in the wild for battling in the gym five times. Besides, if you win one gym battle, you’ll receive an opportunity to catch a Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle.

However, if you are victorious in three or five gym battles, you’ll have the opportunity to encounter a Jynx or, respectively, a Lapras. Besides, for participating in raid battles, you can grab a Drowzee, while Omantye and Kabuto will appear more often in the wild if you win a level 3 or a higher raid.

If you win five raids, you’ll obtain higher chances to meet Aerodactyl, while you’ll get an Electabuzz encounter if you use a super-effective charge attack for seven times.

When it comes to catching field tasks, here’s a list of everything that you’ll get in Pokemon Go in March 2019 in this regard:

  • You’ll get a Magikarp encounter if you pick 10 Pokemon
  • You’ll get a Vulpix or Poliwag meeting if you catch 5 Pokemon
  • You’ll get Dratini if you capture a Dragon-type Pokemon
  • You’ll get a Magnemite encounter if you find five fighting-type Pokemon
  • You’ll get a Starmie encounter if you grab three normal, electric or poisonous Pokemon
  • You’ll get an Anorith encounter, if you catch seven dark, flying or Psychic-type Pokemon
  • You’ll get a Kabuto encounter if you capture ten ice-type Pokemon.

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