Microsoft Edge Based On Chromium Leaked Online In Some Images

Microsoft announced back in December 2018 that the company will rebuild Edge with the help of Chromium technology offered by Google. The primary reason for the change is the fact that it will provide a better experience for Windows 10 users and web developers alike.

Chromium is an open-source project which can be easily accessed and customized by any interested entity or individual. If the features added are deemed to be useful Google has the freedom to add them in a future version of Chrome without the need to ask for the permission of the creator. Opera was the first independent browser which switched to Chromium. Apple’s Safari and Mozilla Firefox are independent for now, but the situation could change in the future.

Microsoft Edge launched as a replacement for Internet Explorer, as the latter gained an infamous reputation, with many PC users declaring that it’s the best tool for downloading other browsers.

Microsoft Edge Based On Chromium Leaked Online In Some Images

A series of screenshots have been leaked, revealing how the future Microsoft Edge based on Chromium looks in the current stage of development. Those that hoped for a different default search engine will be disappointed to learn that Microsoft is still pushing Bing as the default solution.

The new tab features a minimalistic design. The address bar and the placement of the Settings and Extensions icons are quite similar to the default layout used by Chrome. When a new tab is open, an image of the day will be shown in the background with a Bing search bar being featured in the middle of the image. In the lower part of the page, the users will be able to click on a row which highlights the most visited web sites and a larger new tab button.

The screenshots look quite promising but what we see is almost certainly an alpha version. Until a stable version is released in the future, Microsoft has enough time to change it and add a little bit of personality.

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