Pokemon Sword and Shield Rumors Talk About Two Regions In These Games – Galar and Kalos

As any other awaited game, Pokemon Sword and Shield are the subjects of plenty of speculations that goes over the internet. The latest suggestion, or rumor as we call it, would be that these upcoming Nintendo Switch games would feature two regions: Galar and Kalos.

We do not really have details about the Pokemon Sword and Shield games as they were not released, but at least the titles are known, and we also know that it will be available on the Nintendo Switch in late 2019.

There will be three new starter Pokemon in these games: Scobble, Grookey, and Scorbunny. The new Galar region is also highlighted in the two-minute footage released along with the announcement of the games.

Rumors always find a source from which they feed. So, regarding Pokemon Sword and Shield games, some people saw some sparse details in the video. For example, a leak suggests that a concept called armored evolution will be introduced into the game. That might be true as other leaks from the same source were proven correct.

Pokemon Sword and Shield might feature both Galar and Kalor regions

There are rumors which are based on speculation, too, one being that the games will feature more than one region. To be more precise, another region might also be playable – the Kalos one.

The eighth region of Pokemon is almost certainly based on Britain, and it is the Galar region. However, for some reasons, several Pokemon Sword and Shield rumors talk about two regions in these games that would launch later this year for Nintendo Switch.

Kalos and Galar might also be at war. There is one theory that is actually a story-line of were it was playable for the first time, and it suggests why Kalos featured in Pokemon X and Y. Pokemon X and Y were released in 2013 and are based in France. In addition to that, Kalor is at war with an unknown region. In Pokemon Sword and Shield, Kalor might battle Galar.

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