Mario Kart Is Nintendo’s Best-Selling Franchise, And That Before The Launch Of Mario Kart Tour

When it comes to popular Nintendo franchises, many fans will point to Super Mario games. Undoubtedly, Super Mario series is one of the most loved franchises created by Nintendo, but there is another one that overcomes Super Mario. Mario Kart is Nintendo’s best-selling franchise, and more games in this series would come, including Mario Kart Tour, the first mobile game of the franchise.

Well, other producers have their iconic characters. Nintendo, for its part, has Mario. It’s straightforward to think that Mario’s main series, Super Mario, would be the most popular and the best-selling franchise of the Japanese entertainment company. You’d not be accurate, though, as the figures highlight that Mario Kart is the fan-favorite series and the one that has grossed more than Super Mario since Nintendo 3DS up till now.

That’s because Mario Kart is not only about Mario, though he is the main character. The series gathers virtually all the fan-favorite characters Nintendo created.

Mario Kart is Nintendo’s best-selling franchise, and Mario Kart Tour would make it even more popular

Just for the statistic enthusiasts out there, Super Mario Odyssey is the second-best-selling franchise of Nintendo with 13.76 million units sold. The first one, as you have figured out already, is Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with 15.02 million copies sold. The third, as you might expect, is the recently-released Super Mario Bros Ultimate. And we’re only talking about Nintendo Switch here.

On Nintendo 3DS, on the other hand, the top-4 best-selling games contain three Pokemon titles – Pokemon X/Y, Pokemon Sun/Moon, Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire. However, Mario Kart 7 outsold all these favorite Pokemon games, totaling 18.11 million units sold.

Mario Kart Tour is currently on its way to mobile platforms. But once this first mobile game of the series rolls out in summer for Android and iOS, Nintendo’s Mario Kart franchise would become even more popular than it has always been.


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