PlayStation 4 6.50 Firmware Update Comes With Remote Play For iOS And More

There is a new PlayStation 4 system update that has just rolled out. PlayStation 4 6.50 firmware update gave the owners of the console the possibility to control the system directly from their iPads or iPhones, with the help of Remote Play for iOS. There is also a new app, PS4 Remote Play, that’s available right now to download from the App Store – and it’s for free.

PS4 Remote Play is going to let all of its iOS device users to control their PS4, to join voice chats just by using the microphone, or enter text on their console by using their keyboards from their smartphones.

What you need to use the Remote Play for iOS

For you to use the app, you’ll need iOS 12.1, or later, a PlayStation Network account, of course, and a WiFi network from home. You cannot use PS4 Remote Play with a mobile network, and it’s not compatible with a DualShock 4 controller either. We know this for sure from the app’s release notes.

Sony recommended iPhone 7, or iPad sixth generation, or iPad Pro second generation, or newer iOS devices for this app. However, you need to keep in mind that not all the titles are supported, according to Sony. Previously, we’ve seen PS4 Remote Play supported on Mac, and Windows PC, and also Android and PlayStation Vita.

Change the button assignments with PlayStation 4 6.50 firmware update

The PlayStation 4 6.50 firmware update also comes with an option that will come in handy for import game enthusiasts. As a PS4 owner, you need to go to Settings and change the button assignment in order to perform “Enter” operations from the circle button (which comes as default in Japanese titles) to the cross button.

The PlayStation 4 6.50 firmware update which brings Remote Play for iOS is already available to download, and it’s quite big – 400 Mb.

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