Update WinRar Not To Lose Cryptocurrency, As A Vulnerability Allows Hackers To Steal Your Digital Coins

Even though almost nobody runs archives or .exe files from unknown sources, there are some of you who might do that. In that case, you are doing nothing besides installing malware. At least, that’s the typical downside of downloading and running or extracting weird programs. Now, WinRar has a security flaw which allows hackers to intrude and steal your cryptocurrency.

Therefore, you should update WinRar as soon as possible to address that vulnerability that might steal your digital coins. Reportedly, the security flaw already made victims, so you should immediately upgrade your WinRar installment to the newest version. I know, WinRar is kinda old-school app especially since other programs such as 7Zip, for instance, took over and became more popular.

However, it might surprise you, but there are millions of users worldwide, who are still using WinRar. Those of you who do that are exposed to a vulnerability that would eventually steal your digital coins if you’re cryptocurrency enthusiasts who keep their wallets on the hard disk.

Update WinRar not to lose cryptocurrency – An WinRar vulnerability allows hackers to steal your digital coins

“Here is how it works. You open the wrong .rar file with an unpatched version of WinRar, and a payload is dropped into your windows startup folder. Which means on reboot you will load up a .exe. And nobody ever updates their WinRar. And .rar files are used intensively on usenet and also in torrents. So there are probably at least 100 million computers with an unpatched version of WinRar on it. So this is going to steal a shitload of coins. I can guarantee it,” said Kain_niaK on Reddit, the Redditor who observed the vulnerability.

“The .dll file that contains the actual bug is unacev2.dll because the bug is in ACE, not in WinRar. Winrar has just dropped support for ACE in 5.7 and removed the .dll file from their install. All software with ACE support is vulnerable which is not just WinRar but also software like Total Commander among others,” the same Redditor added.

In short, a vulnerability in the current WinRar version permits hackers to steal your digital coins. Accordingly, update WinRar not to lose cryptocurrency.

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