Virtual Reality Is Coming To Nintendo Switch Via Labo VR Kit

Few of the modern gamers will remember Nintendo’s first dabbling into virtual reality with Labo VR kit. The ill-fated Virtual Boy system was a complete failure, and the company has avoided virtual reality ever since. It is estimated that Nintendo worked over four years on the development of the Virtual Boy.

The device was sold as the first console which can offer stereoscopic 3D graphics. The player wore the headset on his or her head, and a controller was connected to the unit with the help of two cables. As time passed, Nintendo cut the development budget of the Virtual Boy to improve its upcoming Nintendo 64 system.

The Virtual Boy was rushed and released in an incomplete state, attracting the ire of buyers. Critics condemned the steep price, poor performance, and unimpressive 3D effects.

Nintendo Switch To Get VR (Virtual Reality) Thanks To Labo VR Kit

It seems that the company has changed its mind as it recently announced the Labo VR kits. The kit will be featured in the 04 expansion package which is scheduled for release in April, among other expansions which will also premiere on the same date. At first sight, the new VR set appears to be promising. Several pictures reveal a customizable look, with some of the proposed designs being a photo camera, a bird and the head of an elephant, among other possibilities.

As with other Labo products, users will have to unpack and assemble the kit themselves. The headset will be secured on the head of the user with the help of elastic straps, which will also keep the Switch safe. Like other Labo sets, the VR kit will unlock new functionalities which aren’t available otherwise.

The potential is indeed there but the quality of virtual reality images conveyed with the help of a 1280x 720 display may be a bit shabby if you are a VR enthusiast. The full Labo VR kit will be available at a starting price of $79.99, with the option buy the Starter Set and Blaster for $39.99.

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