Anthem Still Presents Many Issues – Will BioWare Ever Fix This Game?

The reason why we are having this conversation today is that the Anthem patch from BioWare did not arrive at the announced time. This patch is quite stable because it is full of bug fixes, it includes some decently steep power upgrades for Javelins and other stability and performance improvements.

However, that is not the single thing that happened. For a few hours, there was a rain of Masterwork and Legendary loot in Anthem due to some sort of server-side changes that once again occurred before the patch went fully live. Even though players thought that was happening because of the update, that was not it. It is not the first time this has ever taken place as there was another period of “accidental” boosted drop rates before an update.

Anthem issues continue, although a new patch was designed to fix the game

The history repeated itself. Aside from not arriving on time, the patch has also those high drop rates. Players began getting 1-2 Masterworks and Legendaries barely feeling like they exist at all compared to the past when they were getting 5-8 Masterworks and maybe a Legendary or two in a Stronghold run. After the patch, no more green and white loot are dropping and yet it looks like it has been replaced with what people are not looking for, blues and purples.

It was predicted that the community would suffer from a meltdown as this is happening for the second time. There were endless threads of “BioWare, why?” on Reddit. However, Chad Robertson from BioWare said something about the situation.

“We appreciate all the feedback from the community on the game. We love the passion and share it. We’re not yet fully happy with the game’s loot behavior either. One of the downsides of moving so fast to improve is that we’re making changes to complex loot systems in several areas and it’s then harder to know how it’s performing,” Robertson said.

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