Pagan Online Is More Than We Expected, More Than Diablo 3

When Uros Banjesevic, the creative director from Mad Head Games, tells us that Pagan Online is not the same thing as Diablo 3 and its ilk because of three things, it was not that easy to believe him.

The yardstick of Blizzard is used to measure every action RPG, and the success of the Diablo series is what developers want to emulate at the same time as they try to be something else. This balancing act is not natural and even Path of Exile which has become one of the most successful games on PC, took a while to forge its own identity, a few years, to be more precise.

However, our skepticism has been eased after a few hours spent squashing spiders, demons, and warlock in Pagan Online. Any soling action RPG should be able to provide this to the players, plenty of loot and cool combos in crunchy combat. What was different than expected was the structure of it.

Pagan Online is not like Diablo 3, and it’s a cool game to try

Its campaign is lengthy as it has eight acts. However, on the self-contained maps, it is split into bite-sized quests which can be finished in about ten minutes. After dropping into each map, you will be fighting through groups of enemies and listen to some dialogue, and the game does not end before you battle a boss.

What is great is that you can make progress in the story even though you do not have too much time to spare because you can jump into Pagan Online.

Another interesting fact is the way your characters move in this action RPG because you can use WASD instead of mouse clicks. The keyboard movement is more flexible for a lot of people, so this was a great addition to the game which will surely be appreciated.

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