Samsung Galaxy S10 Is Quite Popular, Breaking Record Sales and Pre-Orders

Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy S10 range less than a month ago, and it seems that the devices are a real hit among fans, with several countries reporting record-breaking sales and pre-orders.

The devices are already on sale in several countries, with some sources noting that the new smartphones have already outsold the previous generation. While South Korean fans didn’t rush to buy the new device, it appears that the devices are on high demand in the UK and US, with the S10+ being the most popular version of the lineup.

The new Samsung Galaxy S10 devices mark the anniversary of ten years since the Galaxy brand was first released and Samsung worked hard to make the new devices great. The company has also been working on partnerships with third-party app providers to make the devices more popular.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Is Already Very Popular

Those that opt to buy one of the S10 smartphones will receive six months of Spotify Premium for free. The deal does sound sweet, but prospective owners should keep in mind the fact that only new Premium members will be able to cash in. If you already have an active subscription or paid for the offer in the past your account is not eligible.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 series may look beautiful, but owners will have to take good care of them. iFixit awarded a meager three out ten reparability score for the device, which is a bit low. One of the most significant flaws is represented by the fact that the USB port is no longer replaceable. On a more positive note, it seems that Samsung has decided to enhance the cooling mechanics of the device.

The renowned organization DisplayMate awarded the company with the highest grade ever given since it began its activity. An A+ grade is a big win for the Galaxy S10 since the organization had also adopted stricter tests and guidelines before the tests took place. It remains to be seen if the sales continue to be strong in the following months.

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