Apple Works On Three iPhone 2019 Models – Here’s Everything We Know So Far

Apple fans know that the company will unleash the new iPhone 2019 models in September. It is thought that the company will stick to the current trend and offer three different devices. The new iPhone range should include a standard model, a larger model, and a budget smartphone (some dream that it will be the iPhone SE2). Below you can find a list of features which should make an appearance on the new iPhone 2019 models.

Smile for the cameras

The next iPhone 2019 models could feature a triple camera setup on the rear, similar to the ones used by Huawei and Samsung on their flagships. The premium iPhone, which will succeed the XS Max, possibly called the iPhone 11 or XI, is thought to be the only device which will use that setup.

Some sources believe that a triple camera setup will arrive on the more affordable iPhone devices at some point, but that remains to be seen. The configuration should allow iPhone users to capture superior images, with better zoomed-in shots and a bigger field of view.

Size does matter for iPhone 2019 models

Most analysts believe that the upcoming iPhone models would retain the current screen size. It is likely that Apple will also use the same OLED screens featured on the last generation, but this time the OLED display will be present across all three devices.

Many fans complained that the LCD used by the iPhone XR is not very impressive when compared to the one used by its bigger brothers and Apple may opt to use an OLED panel to avoid future troubles.

Superior security

The iconic facial recognition solution may receive a substantial upgrade. It is believed that a revamped Face ID will be able to work better in darker environments, allowing users to unlock their devices faster.

Classic charger

The next iPhone smartphones would ship with the classic 5-watt charging brick. Most Android flagships arrive with a fast charger, but it looks like Apple will continue to sell them separately.

iPhone 2019 would come with USB-C

The switch to USB-C would make many users happy, but there is little to no proof that such a significant change will take place. Until an official announcement arrives, we can only hope that the next iPhone 2019 models will be great.

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