Samsung Galaxy S10 Wallet Supports Ethereum (ETH) Cryptocurrency, But Not Bitcoin (BTC)

The latest flagship offered by Samsung arrives with a variety of useful features. Among them, one of the most interesting ones is the decision to include the Samsung Galaxy S10 wallet for the cryptocurrency, including Ethereum (ETH), ERC-20 tokens, and dApps. However, Bitcoin (BTC) is not supported.

The new Samsung S10 range is now on sale, and some users are looking forward to the dedicated wallet. The feature is limited to the standard S10 model for now, but the situation could change in the future as Samsung has announced that it plans to add support for cryptocurrency on its other devices, too.

Newcomers will enjoy the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S10 wallet uses Samsung’s Blockchain Keystore, a decision which makes the process of saving and using cryptocurrencies very approachable. The standard is also compatible with CoinDuck, which means that users will be able to complete payments by scanning a QR code.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Wallet Works With Ethereum (ETH), dApps, and ERC-20 Tokens, But Not Bitcoin (BTC)

As cryptocurrencies started to become popular companies began to work hard on the perfect app that could be able to replace other popular dApps. The race becomes even stronger after TRON acquired BitTorrent. The wallet offered by Samsung is compatible with four popular dApps: the well-known gaming platform Enjin, the Cosmee beauty community, the crypto collectibles platform named CryptoKitties, and the previously mentioned payments service CoinDuck. So, Samsung Galaxy S10 wallet support Ethereum (ETH), dApps, and ERC-20 tokens.

Some sources which ran in-depth reports on the Blockchain Keystore note a specific phrase which appears in terms and conditions of the service. It is mentioned that Samsung’s Payments Service Group will accept and deal with any inquiries about payments completed with the Blockchain Keystore. Since the same division is responsible with payments made with the help of the Samsung Pay dedicated service, hinting that the two services could collaborate in the future.

According to some estimation Samsung sold 70 million smartphones by Q4 2018. While most of the devices aren’t a part of the Galaxy range, it is clear the Samsung could play a huge role in the adoption of cryptocurrencies at a global level via Samsung Galaxy S10 wallet. It is clear that Samsung is serious when it comes to cryptos, even though the company does not support Bitcoin (BTC) in its e-wallet, at the moment.

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