MX Player 1.10.47 Update – Scrolling Through Files Just Got Easier

MX Player is a powerful video player that is also supporting subtitles and is equipped with advanced hardware acceleration. That is one of the best free media players for Android users, as it supports almost every primary video format. The great thing about it is that it even plays audio. A new update is now available for MX Player. The MX Player 1.10.47 is now available to download with some improvements and changes.

MX Player has an easy-to-use interface and is probably best known for its handy feature – the support for subtitles. Users of this app can even control subtitles that are out of sync so that they will match with the audio.

The latest MX Player 1.10.47 update comes with several improvements and changes

A problem related to the scrolling option has been fixed. Users complained that the scrolling is too slow whenever they were going through several files or folders. The new update comes with considerable improvement to scrolling. Users of MX Player can now scroll much more accessible to any point they need in their list, without experiencing any more delays.

The media list screen is also more responsive to users’ touches now, even during moments when a file is being downloaded in the background.

There are also some other new changes for Indian users of MX Player 1.10.47

The most recent update also brings some changes to the MX Player for Indian users. They now can change the audio language of their favorite TV shows.

The new MX Player 1.10.47 update is already available on Google Play Store or as an APK file. Thus, you can already download MX Player 1.10.47 from the Google Play Store, which would be the most reliable and straightforward method to install this excellent Android video and audio player.

If you find any issues in the new MX Player 1.10.47, you can complain about it to the MX Player team on Facebook.

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