Spotify Premium Subscribers Will Receive Hulu With Ads Access

Spotify Premium subscribers who live in the US will be happy to learn that the service has just become even better. The Premium membership costs $9.99, and it will include all the Hulu TV shows and movies that are available through the most affordable service tier, which would cost $5.99 if bought separately.

In recent years, the number of people who prefer streaming services has continued to grow. Many people argue that the new streaming services are more affordable and convenient in comparison to traditional television services. A recent report notes that the number of US homes which aren’t using a cable or satellite service has increased by 48% in past years, reaching an approximate number of 16 million households. The new partnership between Spotify and Hulu will encourage more people to cancel their cable service while also helping the two companies to gain an edge over direct competitors like Apple Music and Netflix.

Spotify Premium subscribers to receive free Hulu access

Spotify Premium subscribers are now able to activate the Hulu bundle. If you already have a separate Hulu account, you can link the two services by going on the Spotify website and clicking on the Your Services section. Keep in mind that those that paid for Premium before but don’t have an active subscription will not be to access the new feature. Those that will create a new Spotify or didn’t try Premium before will be able to access both services during the free trial.

If you activate the bundle before June 10, you will gain unlimited access forever. If the price changes in the future Spotify will send a notification via email, and users will be able to remove the bundle by visiting the Spotify Account page at any time. As with all deals that sound too good to be true, there are a few details written in small print. The offer is available while supplies last and it may end before the announced date. Only Spotify Premium subscribers would benefit from this promotion, so those that use a Spotify family account won’t access the Hulu bundle.

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