Apple Is Reportedly Working On A Regular iPad and A New 10.5-Inch iPad 2019 Tablet

It is already known that Apple is working on the next generation of iPad devices and the internet is filled with rumors about the upcoming tablets. A popular source claims that Apple will release a regular 10.2-inch iPad and a new 10.5-inch iPad tablet that would not be a part of the iPad Pro range.

The source is quite reliable since information offered in the past was confirmed by the official announcement which arrived at a later date. The same source notes that the devices won’t be released at the same time.

It looks like Apple wants to offer a more affordable version of the iPad Pro, which should convince more users to opt for a device with a bigger screen. The supposed price range is unclear at this point, as it could vary between the $329 price for the basic iPad models and up to $799 if we are looking at the latest iPad Pro models which were released in 2018.

Apple is reportedly developing a new 10.5-inch iPad 2019 tablet, not part of the iPad Pro lineup

The same source leaked the name of the 2018 iPhone smartphones before anyone else managed to find out about them and anticipated that the 2018 iPad Pro would have a thickness of 5.9 mm.

Other sources believe that the staple 9.7-inch model will be offered even if Apple is pushing larger displays. Some claim that Apple will be maintaining the looks of the previous generation. That should be great news for some users since it may mean that the tablet will arrive with the iconic headphone port, a feature that has started to disappear in the recent years, as Bluetooth headsets and headphones continue to grow in popularity.

A more extensive selection of devices could be beneficial for Apple since tablets with a bigger screen could attract some users, but who do not need the additional power offered by the Pro versions. A revamped iPad Mini 5 is also expected to be announced at some point. Some announcements could be made during an upcoming Apple conference which is scheduled for March 25th.

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