Google Chrome 73 Supports DuckDuckGo Search Engine In Specific Regions

The new Google Chrome 73 update has arrived with an exciting addition. Google has decided to add a new service to the list of default search engines which are offered in each market, improving the selection of search engine options which are bundled with Chrome. Now, Google Chrome supports the DuckDuckGo search engine, but only in specific regions.

It is interesting that Google opted to add direct rivals in the form of the popular DuckDuckGo (DDG) and Qwant. The two search engines focus on privacy, a feature which seems to be quite detrimental when you are looking at the potential to generate revenue by offering targeted ads.

Google has become the target of several accusations as some voices argue that the company is charged with market-distorting behavior both in the US and other countries. Many governments have started to question the popularity of the search service, and they believe that competition laws should be changed.

Google Chrome Supports DuckDuckGo Search Engine Across 60 Countries

New regulations may restrict the power of larger platforms while favoring the development of smaller technology companies which have to potential to push real innovation. A high-ranking Google employee has noted that the addition of the DuckDuckGo search engine to Google Chrome was motivated by the usage statistics which were collected from users.

DDGo is now offered as an option in more than 60 countries. The founder of DuckDuckGo saluted the decision, adding that this acceptance of the pro-privacy search engine shows that Google cares about the privacy of its users. DuckDuckGo search engine has become popular in recent years, and it has spearheaded the spread of pro-privacy products among casual Internet users. Data mining suggests that Google planned to add DDG since December 2018 to Google Chrome, when the company agreed to offer the domain to DuckDuckGo.

On the other hand, the co-founder of Qwant said that Google made a great choice but advised users to use Mozilla Firefox or Brave as better alternatives. Chrome 73 arrives with other improvements that make the popular browser even better. The new update is now available worldwide.

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