“Halo Insider Program” Is The New Way To Play Halo Games Before Their Launch

Microsoft announced a brand-new testing program for the Halo games. It is named the “Halo Insider Program,” and, as Microsoft describes it, fans will have a new way of working alongside developers from 343 Industries to improve new Halo releases by merely testing them before they are launched.

If you want to be part of the program, you need to sign a confidentiality agreement, but otherwise, you are free to sign up. After that, you will need to take a survey that will include questions related to your history in the Halo franchise, modes, and series you have played. As you keep answering, you will, later on, be asked to provide details that may help you become a member of what 343 is calling “flighting” programs for upcoming Halo titles.

Play Halo games before their launch with the Halo Insider Program

This new Halo Insider Program will replace the MCC Insider Program, and 343 will no longer use the previous one to test the numerous updates of Halo: The Master Chief Collection on Xbox One. The Halo Insider Program will overarch the program to support all Halo services, titles, and products. Everybody needs to register for the Halo Insider Program even if they were already a member of the MCC Insider Program.

Keep in mind that you need to ensure your Halo Insider Program information is correct if you want better chances to be selected in the program and play Halo games before their launch. You will need to send over your SteamID if you are a PC player and also to provide a DXDIAG upload. “We know everyone is super eager and excited to get started, but please be patient– tweeting at the team and posting in the forums asking to be included or demanding to know why you’re not included won’t help the process,” 343 Industries said.

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