Pokemon Go Might Bring Massive Upgrades, Says Dataminer

Pokemon Go players might soon get some new amazing features, according to the famous Pokemon Go dataminer Chrales. The next two features could mean a massive upgrade to the game.

Adventure Sync ‘Awareness’ & Lucky Friends

On his Twitter account, Chrales shared the following information with the public:

New feature of Adventure Sync : “awareness”

“Now Adventure Sync can notify you about nearby new Pokémon!”

“Adventure Sync can find nearby new Pokémon even while Pokémon GO is closed!”

As you can see above, “Awareness” will tell players when a Pokemon is close. Adventure Sync will be able to use the feature to find nearby Pokemon even when the app is closed. The current Adventure Sync only tracks how much you walk when the app is closed, so you can hatch eggs and collect Buddy Candy while not in the game. Adding the “awareness” to Adventure Sync is a huge improvement, and it’s far easier than having to check your phone constantly to see if a Pokemon is near!

The second feature is called Lucky Friends, and it will let you become… lucky friends with a person and your trades will become Lucky, meaning that you can trade Lucky Pokemon:

“{0} and you became Lucky Friends!”

“Your next trade with this friend will be Lucky!”

“Your next trade together will be Lucky! This means both Pokémon traded will become Lucky Pokémon.”

He also added a last post about the Leaf Tornado we mentioned in our previous article about the Equinox Event:

As for when we will see these two new features added to Pokemon Go, we have no clue yet. Will we be able to have more than one Lucky friend or trade more than one lucky Pokemon? We will soon see it if Niantic goes public with the update. At the moment, Pokemon Go has reached v. 0.137.2 – the update was released last week, no changes added, and only came with bug fixes.

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