Snapchat Beta Rolled Out With Bug Fixes and Improvements

Snapchat was released seven years ago, but the app has managed to build a loyal fan base which continues to use it each day. Now, Snapchat Beta launched with several bug fixes and improvements.

The app became popular by offering a feature which limits the availability of the messages and images that are sent to a contact. After the period expires, the content will be deleted automatically. At first, the app was used to share photos, but new features were added.

Snapchat Features

Below you can find some of the features offered by Snapchat:

  • Shoot – When you start the app, it will open in camera mode instantly. Tap to snap a shot or hold to record a video.
  • Personalize your content with a variety of lens and filter options, with new ones being added regularly.
  • Add a drop of originality by using custom filters or use lenses which were made by the creative SnapChat community.
  • Discuss – Use the robust chat features to contact your friends and family with the power of live messaging. Showcase your latest achievements and make them proud of Group Stories.
  • Video chat is funnier with friends! Chat with up to 16 persons at the same time!
  • Show your friends some love with the help of Friendmojis, made specifically for the two of you.
  • Be surprised – Look at the Stories posted by your friends to see if they had a good day.
  • View exclusive stories shared by your favorite publishers and creators – Enjoy particular content tailored for you.
  • Use the Snap Map to see where your friends are quick. Share your location, so they can find you fast or disappear with Ghost Mode.
  • Free cloud storage allows you to keep past Snaps and view them at any time.
  • Share the memories with your friends or download them for safe keeping.
  • Craft beautiful Stories and share the best memories!
  • Users who wish to test the beta version can do so by accessing the dedicated website.

Snapchat Beta Rolled Out With Bug Fixes and Improvements

Just recently, Snapchat Beta became available to download. The new version is not bringing any new visual changes or features, but it comes with bug fixes and stability and performance improvements.

You can download Snapchat Beta as an APK file. On the other hand, you can update to Snapchat, the latest final version of the app, on the Google Play Store.

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