WhatsApp Test Reverse Image Search And In-App Browser To Fight Fake News

WhatsApp, the app owned by Facebook, is trying to prevent the spread of even more fake news by testing some new features in a bid. To help that even further, WABetaInfo said that the developers of the app are testing a couple of new functions such as reverse image search and the in-app browser.

We will not talk too much about the in-app browser because its name basically gives away its features, but to make sure that everybody has figured out what to expect, we will say that this function will allow you to open links sent within chats without the necessity of leaving the core application.

We must also mention that when you are using this WhatsApp in-app browser, you will not be able to record your display or even take a screenshot of it. You will get a warning pop-up in case you will be trying to open a web page that is considered by the app to be harmful to your device.

WhatsApp Test Reverse Image Search And In-App Browser To Fight Fake News

WhatsApp is also testing another core feature, that being the ability to perform a reverse image search, again, without leaving the application, according to WABetaInfo. This way, in case someone has sent you an image which is fake, you will be able to check that in order to make sure whether it is actually real.

Of course, the spread of fake news can’t be stopped only by this, but it might be a factor that will help prevent the spread of fake images that would generate unwarranted attention.

Whether these features will actually be fully released in WhatsApp is still unknown, but we can at least hope it will happen. WhatsApp Beta app users all around the world are now allowed to test these features themselves.

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