Nvidia Releases An Affordable AI Computer

AI enthusiasts will be happy to learn that Nvidia has released a small computer which is aimed at designers, researchers, and persons who wish to develop and test offline AI solutions.

Called Jetson Nano the miniaturized computer is now available for $99. The kit includes a powerful 64-bit quad-core processor manufactured by ARM and a beefy Nvidia Maxwell GPU which offers 4GB of RAM and an impressive processing speed of up to 472 teraflops. An assortment of ports which includes USB 3.0, HDMI and Ethernet are also provided, allowing users to connect accessories and external devices without problems.

The device offers native support for Linux distributions. It is also compatible with popular machine learning solutions like MXNet TensorFlow, Caffe, and Keras. Developers will have the option to run video analytics with up to eight simultaneous HD streams, which makes it an excellent alternative for those that wish to assemble a cheap surveillance camera setup.

Nvidia AI computer is an affordable device

Nvidia has been hard at work in recent months as the company wishes to extend its presence on the market. The new RTX line of video cards was well-received by gamers, and the previous generation has remained a hit among those that wish to build a powerful gaming system.

The company is also working its upcoming video games streaming service, which should be released in the following months. A beta version of the service has been available for a while, and it is likely that a stable version is currently in development. Called GeForce Now, the service will allow users with modest computers to play the latest games without the need to buy an expensive gaming setup. Those who will wish to stream their favorite games will have to pay a monthly subscription. The prices weren’t announced at this point, but they should be quite reasonable.

The Jetson Nano faces some serious competition from Intel and Google, but Nvidia has the chance to conquer a new market segment with the help of the device.

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