Tame Your Android Notifications with These 5 Tips and Tricks

With time, Android has developed a lot but there is one problem all Android users face, the never-ending notifications! Let’s say you are trying out the Betway Kenya casino, and get constant pop-ups. You wouldn’t want that while you are placing your bets on Betway for your favorite games, right?

Junk Reminders

Naturally, there are a lot of different applications that Android users install on their devices ranging from gaming apps to Facebook, Instagram, and so on. And with every app, come uninvited notifications. Even when you don’t use your phone a lot, these notifications can be a menace.

When you’re busy and suddenly your phone beeps, it is common to assume that it is an important message. Although when you take a look at it and find out that a random application ‘misses’ you, it can be frustrating. Android applications never seem to stop, they are disturbing and obviously bother all the users.

Do Not Disturb

Some notifications can be managed, but what can you do when there are hundreds of them.

Yes, you can turn on the ‘Do Not Disturb’ profile on your phone but that’s just as good as not owning an android device. If only there were better options to get rid of these overwhelming notifications.

Well, there are some things that all Android users can turn to for getting rid of these daunting notifications without affecting the important ones.

5 Ways to Avoid Excessive Notifications on Android

  1. Turn Off Notifications

You can block notifications based on the categories after the Android Oreo update. With categorized blocking, you can block certain types of notifications like WhatsApp group notifications, and location notifications from Google that keep on showing on the notification bar. This way you can be sure that when your phone rings, it’s something important.

  1. Change the Tone

Most people keep their phone’s on silent mode nowadays, however, for the select few who prefer the general mode, you can avoid the notifications by changing the notification sound. This way ignoring unnecessary distractions becomes easier and you can focus more on what you’re doing.

  1. Change the Behavior

You can switch the way you get notifications from various applications in the notification categories. These applications by default make a sound and appear on the notification panel, you can modify the settings and prevent them from making your phone ring and appearing on your screen.

  1. Snooze the Notifications

You can sometimes be busy to respond to a certain notification, to prevent it from becoming a distraction simply snooze it to remind you later. It is simple to snooze important notifications, long press on the notification you want to snooze or slide it to the side a little and select the clock icon to set a time when you want it to ring again.

  1. Manage the Digital Wellbeing

This alternative is effective only for Android 9 Pie so far, to implement it open the ‘Digital Wellbeing’ menu in your Android device. This new feature allows Android users to check their devices screen usage, the number of notifications, and the number of times you unlocked it and many such options. To manage notifications, tap on the ‘number of notifications’ and you’ll get a list of the apps and how many notifications they send daily. Simply block notifications from the applications sending an unacceptable number of notifications.

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