ZTE Axon S Will Come With A Side Slider To Hide The Cameras

In recent months, many smartphone manufacturers have decided to maximize the screen by using a variety of tricks. Some are experimenting with the pop-up camera while others are playing with vertical sliding mechanisms. In some cases, a manufacturer will take a current trend and twist it to create an exciting design. ZTE has surprised its fans in the past, and it seems that the company is committed to the idea of offering new devices on a market which is often oversaturated. ZTE Axon S would be the first smartphone to sport a side slider.

The ZTE Axon S features an impressive OLED display with no trace of bezels. The screen reaches an impressive screen-to-body ratio of 95%. To keep the device safe and the design clean ZTE opted to use an in-display fingerprint sensor. The front of the smartphone may not seem to be spectacular, but a big surprise comes when you are looking at the back.

ZTE Axon S would be the world’s first smartphone to sport a side slider

To the surprise of many, the back of the device is covered in glass panel which doesn’t feature the usual camera setup or anything else. Instead of going with the classic design ZTE opted to pack the cameras in a side slider which goes towards the left. On the front, you will find a handy touch bar and a dual-camera setup while the pack contains a triple camera setup and a high-power flash on its back.

It is likely that the touch bar can be used to zoom the cameras, but it may also have other applications. The design of the device is quite impressive, and the side slider mechanism on ZTE Axon S will remind many users of some of the more stylish featured phones which were popular in the previous decade.

Interesting information comes from the front of the device. Upon close inspection, we can find a 5G icon, which may mean that ZTE Axon S will be compatible with the latest network standards. While the device looks good, it remains to be seen if it will be able to attract enough customers when it becomes available on the market.

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