First Prototype Renders Released for Intel Graphics Card


With all the big fuss happening at the GDC 2019 event, we can’t overlook the new achievements in the graphics card world. If we’re zooming in on what Intel did for most of its stage time at this event, we’ll see that they focused on announcing some new software, as well as their 9thgeneration mobile processors. But wait, there’s more! Besides that, the tech giant also provided us with a small tease of its future graphics card’s appearance.

At the beginning of the GDC 2019 Intel keynote, Christiano Siquera, who works as an Intel designer and artist, shared with the audience the first shroud design for their future graphics card. The model they should saw the light of the day in December last year. Although at first, it looks just like any mini GPU we have seen before after you take a closer look you can see that Team Blue decided to go for a new design.

What struck us at first was the fact that the new shroud design features an aesthetic similar to that of the recent Intel Optane SSDs. What makes us say that? Just look at their angular looks and the diagonal flared lines. What’s more, you can say that the new card will be a bulkier and shorter version of the Intel Optane SSD 905P, which was quite a successful model.

The first graphics card seems to be using a single fan cooler if you look at the official images. However, besides these remarks, there isn’t much to share about the future Intel product. Note that these render. Finally, Siquera declared that he is also working on nine new designs. Most likely, this won’t even be the final form of the upcoming graphics card, but it’s still useful to have a look at it.

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