Mozilla Firefox 66 Rolled Out With Many New Features and Improvements

Mozilla Firefox 66 update is now live, and it brings a selection of new features which should make the browser more attractive in comparison to Chrome, Safari, and Edge.

Blocking autoplay content is now possible in Mozilla Firefox 66

One of the most anticipated additions is the ability to block autoplay content. Users will be no longer bothered by a website that starts to instantly play a video, hoping that you will have the patience to watch or just let play in the background. Yes, you can click on the play button to stop it the feature will be useful when you forget to turn down the speakers during a late session.

In the case of websites who don’t enable the sound when the videos start the video will be played as usual. Sites which were built with media streaming in mind will be able to start the video automatically if they are whitelisted.

Mozilla Firefox 66 would also stop page jumps from occurring

The elimination of page jumps represents another exciting feature. Users bothered by the jumps which occur when an ad loads while they are browsing a page, will be happy to learn that the phenomenon will no longer take place. Even if the advert will be displayed Firefox will know where you were, a change that will improve the user experience.

If you use Firefox across several devices or open several tabs on one machine, you will be able to search across all the available tabs with the help of a function added to the tab overflow menu, which will appear when several tabs are open at the same time.

Firefox 66 is still focusing on users privacy

Privacy has always been a big focus for Mozilla, and the commitment has remained strong even in our era. Users will be able to boost the privacy level offered by Private mode with the help of specialized search engines like DuckDuckGo, which don’t track your searches and do not provide targeted advertisements.

Some bug fixes and tweaks will also improve the overall performance and reliability of the browser.

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