Significant iPhone Upgrade Was Accidentally Unveiled By Apple

Apple might have offered us an accidental sneak peek of one of an important new feature for iPhone. This upgrade is one that all users wanted for quite some time. On Apple’s Australian website we can see an image of the AirPower wireless charging system.

With this technology, iPhone users will be able to charge their smartphones faster than ever. The image was found hidden in the AirPods under the <figure class=image-wireless-airpower>.

In the picture, we can see an iPhone XS and the AirPods 2 wireless charging case. They are both charging at the same time on the mat. The mat can also be used to charge the Apple Watch wirelessly.

Significant iPhone Upgrade, AirPower, Was Accidentally Unveiled By Apple

The AirPower technology is something that iPhone owners have been waiting for. At the moment, iPhone wireless charging is limited to 7.5 W, despite the fact that the Qi specification is based on works at up to 15 W.

With AirPower we should expect 15 W as the minimum. AirPower was announced by Apple back in 2017 when the iPhone X was announced as well. In fact, if we take a look at the image discovered on Apple’s Australian page, we can see that it an updated version of the promotional image released back then. In that picture, there was an iPhone X and a charging case, which are now replaced by the iPhone XS and the wireless AirPods 2 Case.

Apple is planning a big event which will take place on March 25th, and we expect a couple of important announcement. Judging by the latest news, it appears that AirPower will finally be released as well. That is an excellent thing for iPhone owners, who have been waiting for this announcement for a long time.

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