iPhone 11 Might Come with Wireless Charging for External Devices

Everyone already knows by now that Apple is expected to hold an event at its headquarters in Los Angeles today, known as “It’s Show Time,” where it will most likely make some big announcements. The tech giant will probably introduce some new releases, so we’re definitely looking forward to this event.

Based on some recent rumors, it seems that the company might announce a new iPhone during the event. The new phone would be able to charge other devices, like the Apple Watch, wirelessly.

Apple might announce that iPhone 11 could charge other devices wirelessly

This new rumored feature has been apparently planned by Chinese vendors who mentioned in a pre-release report that Apple will offer wireless charging, as well as bigger battery size and improved cameras.

We’ve already seen this wireless charging feature being used by Samsung and Huawei, so it looks like Apple doesn’t want to be left behind. The new phone has been unofficially given the name of iPhone 11.

Rumored iPhone 11 may come equipped with a handy feature

The next-gen iPhone will apparently be equipped with a feature that is going to be similar to the wireless PowerShare of the Samsung Galaxy S10. It has been also speculated that the upcoming iPhone 11, as it is currently named, might be sold together with a new charging cable.

Launching a phone that can charge gadgets such as the Apple Watch and the AirPods is clearly a great idea. That can prove to be very helpful for situations when other devices that you may carry with you run out of batteries, and you don’t have a charger handy. This way, you can just use your new iPhone 11 to charge the other devices wirelessly.

Nevertheless, more details about this feature should follow soon, and we hope to learn more about it during this new event.

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