Samsung Galaxy S10 Vs. OnePlus 6T – Computing Power, Cameras, and Prices

Until now, 2019 has come with a lot of great phones, and the Samsung Galaxy S10 surely is one of those. In addition to that, it has also gotten the title for one of the most expensive, but this one is not the only premium phone that can be bought as there are cheaper ones that work just as good. There are a lot of affordable smartphones on the market, but OnePlus has changed the game entirely as their motto is Never Settle. And they do not. Today, we’ll compare Samsung Galaxy S10 with OnePlus 6T.

For you to be easier to understand better the price versus quality report between these two smartphones and to make it easier for you to decide the one that suits you best, we will talk about both of them making a comparison.

The South Korean tech giant has exceeded what we would think they could do by making a powerhouse out of their Samsung Galaxy S10 which on paper is also one of the most impressive phones based on the raw specs it comes with.

The OnePlus 6T is not that bad either, being almost half a year older than the latest Samsung flagship, but it has an impressive specs sheet as well.

Samsung Galaxy S10 vs. OnePlus 6T – Computing Power, Cameras, and Prices

The differentiator that would work best when it comes to these phones is the processor. The Snapdragon 855 SoC from Qualcomm, 7-nm 8-core CPU, made its debut in the Samsung Galaxy S10 series, at least for the people in the US. The European Samsung flagships will be powered by Exynos 9820, an 8-nm octa-core processor.

On the other hand, Snapdragon 845 is a processor that powers lots of smartphones, and the OnePlus 6T is one of them. The mobile platform is still powerful, but a substantial upgrade comes from its successor, Snapdragon 855.

Besides, Samsung Galaxy S10 comes with three main cameras: 16MP f/2.2 ultrawide, 12MP f/1.5 and an f/2.4 dual pixel with OIS, and 12MP OIS telephoto f/2.4. On the other side, OnePlus 6T sports only two sensors on its back. On this point, Samsung Galaxy S10 is the absolute winner.

Finally, let’s talk a little about the prices of the before-mentioned devices. The standard Samsung Galaxy S10 costs $899, while OnePlus 6T with 8Gb RAM costs $579. However, if you desperately want a Samsung Galaxy S10 model but you’re on a budget, Galaxy S10e (Lite version) comes at $749.

Now, it’s evident that Samsung Galaxy S10 is better than the OnePlus 6T, but the question is if customers are willing to pay more for the new South Korean flagship smartphones when there are other, cheaper options similar in specs and performance.

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