Clash Of Clans Tips To Improve Your Gameplay

Clash of Clans has managed to gather a solid player base which continues to play the game each month. While the game is pretty easy to pick up players will need to design an impressive plan if they wish to climb to the levels and bring glory to their clan. Fear not! Below you can find a list of practical tips which can be used to improve your gameplay experience and progress faster through the game.

Clash Of Clans Tips To Improve Your Gameplay

Take everything into account

Just like in real life the odds will usually favor the most prepared one. The best advantage against other players comes from the ability to have two full armies ready at all times. The option is available for players who reached Town Hall 11. A capacity of 240 Housing Spaces means that players will be able to summon 480 troops with a simple tap instantly.

Donate troops

After your army is prepared and ready, you can move towards the next step. Donating troops will allow your Clash of Clans allies to be stronger while also encouraging them to come and help you when danger is knocking at your door.

Don’t waste your gems

As expected, nothing is perfect. The free-to-play model of Clash of Clans will lock major upgrades behind lengthy waiting times. It may be tempting to spend a few gems to make one of the timers to disappear, but it’s not a good idea in the long run. Focus on achievement clearing and the removal of natural obstacles, two activities which reward a generous amount of gems.

Make the most of the shield

A shield will be engaged in at least 30% of the town is destroyed, or your Town Hall is turned into rubble. Instead of attacking right away it is better to rework your strategy. Make some upgrades, build some troops and upgrade towers while waiting for resources to accumulate. Feel free to attack after the shield expires, since you will enjoy a short grace period during which others can’t attack back even if you strike first.

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