Sony’s “State Of Play” Revealed New PlayStation and PlayStation VR Game Projects

This week, a lot of news about the PS4 was heard over the internet, one of them being that Sony is getting ready to reveal some new secret PlayStation game projects after we have heard about the Xbox One from Microsoft. Sony unveiled a new lineup of PS4 and PlayStation VR games during the “State of Play,” and with no doubt, their popularity will grow as the console owners are waiting for more games.

If you are a PlayStation fan, it means that you have already learned that several projects were unveiled by the tech giant this week, those being in development at the moment for the PS4 pro and PS VR. A new title has been confirmed by SEGA that will be launched in the Yakuza franchise, Ichiban Kasuga being the main focus right now.

The new “State of Play” conference of Sony explored the PS4 and PlayStation VR software and games. The event took place yesterday, on the 25th of March. The new PlayStation VR games and PS4 were the focus of the first episode of this showcase series which means that several new projects have been announced.

New PS4 and PlayStation VR games announced at Sony’s “State of Play” yesterday

The event began with Iron Man VR and continued Crash Team Racing. Other titles presented during Sony’s “State of Play” were No Man’s Sky Beyond update which would bring VR to the game, ReadySet Heroes, Blood & Truth (another VR title), and Days Gone, as expected.

The full list of PlayStation VR games that would be launched this year include:

  • 9 April: Falcon Age
  • 16 April: Table of Tales
  • 22 April: Jupiter & Mars
  • 21 May: Everybody’s Golf VR
  • 31 May: Trover Saves the Universe
  • 18 June: Mini-Mech Mayhem
  • 18 June: Vacation Simulator

Besides, Observation from Devolver Digital, Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted, and Concrete Genie from Pixel Opus have also been presented during Sony’s first “State of Play” episode which took place yesterday.

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