Pokemon Go April Community Day – Rumors Appeared Online, Talking About Possible Pokemon Monsters

If you are a Pokemon Go fan, you will be excited to hear that the Ralts spawn rates will increase during the Pokemon Go April Community Day or Bagon or Slakoth could take its place. Regarding the April 2019 Community Day event, details are still on their way, and Pokemon Go fans are waiting.

You should note in your calendar the 13th and 14th of April dates because this is when the April 2019 Community Day event is tipped to take place. Any potential clash with Easter weekend will this way be avoided. The Pokemon Go Community Day will not take place during the weekend of 6th and 7th April as it is too soon, but there are chances it can also happen during the weekend of April 27/28.

During Pokemon Go Community Day events, there is always a Pokemon taking center stage, and fans are excited to find out which one of them will be this time. Hardcore Pokemon Go fans decided to talk more about the next Community Day contender in a new post on Reddit, and the predictions are fun to read.

What might the Pokemon Go April Community Day bring?

Psychic/Fairy Pokemon Ralts, according to the overwhelming majority of fans, will star in the next month’s Pokemon Go Community Day event. Slakoth is another Pokemon that seems to be appearing soon. If you have not gotten a Slaking or a Vigoroth, this would be ideal. An addition to the Pokemon Go Community Day lineup will also be welcomed by Bagon, especially with such a powerful Pokemon being provided by Salamence.

Rhyhorn and Trapinch could also have a chance of being in the event along with Chichar, Turtwig, and Piplup, which are Gen 4 starter Pokemon. We should hear more from Niantic later this week when an official announcement on Pokemon Go April Community Day would come out. During the Community Day events, players are given a chance to capture and evolve specific Pocket Monsters, so you have no reasons to miss the upcoming Pokemon Go Community Day.

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