Clash of Clans To Receive Seasonal Challenges, A Sort Of Fortnite’s Battle Pass

Clash of Clans has been around for a long time, but the title has remained quite successful, with millions of players enjoying the game each month. Now, Supercell announces Season Challenges in Clash of Clans, which would be a sort of Fortnite’s battle pass.

The unique mixture of easy-to-pick-up and hard-to-master gameplay coupled with the strategic element make it great. Supercell has also kept the game throughout the years by releasing by continually releasing new updates which add new content and quality-of-life changes. The spring update should arrive on April 1, and the team has been hard at work.

A recent announcement has sparked debates within the Clash of Clans community. Supercell seems to have taken inspiration from the latest battle royale trend as they announced that they would add a new feature called Season Challenges. As you may have guessed, the function emulates the battle pass introduced by Fortnite.

Supercell announces Season Challenges in Clash of Clans

During the season players will be able to complete several challenges. As they complete each challenge, they will progress through the season and unlock new rewards. A new season will begin each month, offering new challenges and exclusive rewards.

The rewards will be divided into a gold and silver tier. The silver tier will be free for everyone, but the gold tier will offer exclusive rewards, including a hero skin each month. The hero skin will be permanent, and it will be added to the Hero’s wardrobe. Even if you haven’t unlocked some of the Heroes, you will be able to claim the skin and keep it for later use. Players who wish to unlock the gold tier will have to pay $4.99 for the Gold Pass.

The new seasons will start on the first day of each month. Players will have the option to purchase the Gold Pass at any time, and it will last until the last day of the season. Two new mechanics are also added. A season bank will store a limited amount of collected resources which will be added into your storage at the end of the season. Players who buy the Golden Pass will also enjoy a Research boost.

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