Pokemon Go 0.139.1 Update Is Now Available To Download With Improvements

Pokemon Go rolled out in the summer of 2016, but the game has remained popular among Android and iOS users since then. Now, Pokemon Go 0.139.1 update launched with several improvements and bug fixes.

The game offers an exciting gameplay experience, and players from all over the world continue to play the title each day. Niantic has kept the game fresh by providing a steady stream of updates which add new features that make the game even better. With more than 850 million downloads the title is a global phenomenon that can be played with your friends and family.

Pokemon Go Features

  • Accept the challenge – Join millions of players and become the best Pokémon Trainer. Explore your surroundings and find powerful Pokémon. Train them and battle rivals in intense PvP battles to showcase your skill.
  • New Pokemon frequently come to the game – Several fan-favorite Pokemon has been added to the game. Pikachu, Blastoise, and Charizard, along with other Pokemon, are waiting for you. During special events, new Pokemon come to the game.
  • Pay attention – While you are moving around the game will atomically look for nearby Pokemon. When a nearby Pokemon is detected a notification will let you know. Aim carefully and throw a Poke Ball. If you aren’t quick enough, the Pokemon will escape!
  • Explore the world – Select Pokemon prefers a particular environment. For example, you may encounter Water-type Pokemon when you are close to a lake or a pond. Don’t forget to visit PokeStops and Gyms! They can be usually found near fascinating places like museums, historical landmarks or valuable monuments. Claim free Poke Balls and other items which can be used to improve your experience!
  • Advance through the adventure – As you get more experience, you will be able to catch better Pokemon and add them to tour Pokedex. Hatch eggs to collect great Pokemon and boost your favorite companion with the help of the Buddy system.
  • Smile for the camera – Recently, Niantic introduced the Go Snapshot! Take AR photos with your favorite Pokemon and share them with your friends or keep them forever.

Pokemon Go 0.139.1 Update Is Now Available

The new Pokemon Go 0.139.1 update for Android comes out, but it doesn’t bring any new features to the game. However, it contains some bug fixes and stability and performance improvements.

You can download Pokemon Go 0.139.1 from the Google Play Store.

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