Google Camera 6.2 Data Mining Revealed Dark Mode And Lots of Other Functions

Google Camera 6.2 began rolling out not too late in the last week. Data mining revealed a handful of visual changes such as live mode transitions and a dark mode for settings. In addition to that, work on a measuring tool is also revealed by the Google Camera 6.2 while the development of Cheetah will not stop, along with many other functions.

9to5Google has decompiled the latest version of Google Camera application that the company uploaded to the Play Store. When these files (called APK) are decompiled, we can see within the various lines of code hints of possible future features. You must not forget that Google might never ship these features or they actually will. Our goal is to enable those that are closer to being finished.

Google Camera 6.2 data mining revealed lots of new functions

Measure mode

Google, after it moved away from Tango for augmented reality, it updated last June its Measure app to work with ARCore. The functionalities that are included are capturing elevation and distance, with an option to save measurements directly as an image with a virtual ruler or to your clipboard. Google can have the utility directly integrated into the Google Camera app.


Google has been working, for the past several versions, on a Time Lapse mode which has the codename of Cheetah. The implementation of Cheetah involves recording video at faster speeds, and the existing Slow Motion feature is complimented.

Dark mode

Google Camera 6.2 data mining also revealed a dark mode. As you may already know, the camera’s GUI is already dark, so the new dark mode spotted in Google Camera 6.2 refers to the settings menu.

Improvements to Panorama mode’s UI

In Google Camera 6.2, Panorama UI presents the Audio recording off/on switch in the center, instead of the top-left corner.

HDR+ enhanced mode

Users can opt between HDR+ and HDR+ Enhanced modes when HDR+ manual control is on. The latter mode is slower than the former one but provides better photo quality.

Live mode transitions

Google Camera 6.2 maintains the live feed when you switch between Panorama, Portraits, Camera, and Video, for example. Icons of the modes remain overlaid, but there is a zoom animation to match each mode’s aspect ratio. The new live mode transitions are smoother and faster.

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