iOS 13 Could Bring Significant Improvements To iPad Tablets

Apple has declared countless times that the iPad can replace conventional laptops. That is partly true since the potential is there, but a few changes are needed before the iPad can compete with the big players, including the MacBook. In most cases, an iPhone can handle the same tasks at a faster rate, and many users prefer the snappier experience, a fact which leaves the iPad stranded somewhere in the middle of the road between entertainment device and productivity tools (a classic jack-of-all-trades situation). The case could change drastically when iOS 13 arrives.

Below you can find a list of iOS 13 features which have the potential to make the iPad better.

iOS 13 can make the iPad become a real substitute for laptops

Dark Mode in iOS 13

Those who own a MacBook can enjoy the dark mode which arrived with macOS Majove. It is likely that Apple will add the long-awaited feature to iOS, a move which has the potential to make lots of fans happy.

Refreshed Files app

The Files app is working well, but it does miss a few features. A revamped app would make the user experience better, while also boosting the productivity capabilities of the device.

Increase the multitasking performance iPad with iOS 13

While side-by-side multitasking is quite enjoyable, it is time to aim higher. The next update should allow each app to show at least two files simultaneously. For example, users should have the option to compare and edit two Word files at the same time, a feat which would be quite impressive.

Improved support for external displays

Users can connect their iPads to a larger display, but the potential is wasted by the fact that you can’t do too much. Yes, you can mirror the screen on the second device and enjoy Netflix on a bigger screen, but this isn’t too impressive. There are several productivity features which could be added to iOS 13, including the ability to move applications to the other display.

It remains to be seen if any of these features will make an appearance when Apple releases the new version of the popular operating system, the iOS 13.

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